Blending And Mixing Of Coal For Optimum Trade And Marketing


With the advent of many new or smaller mines, and increased requirements for Eskom, export and local industries, the need arises to produce large quantities of coals for the market place by combining products from different sources, in one form or another.  This can be successful, or disastrous.
This course seeks to outline the fundamental issues, potential in industry, principles and practices. 


Gerhard Esterhuizen graduated from the University of the Free State with a B.Sc. (Geology) and B.Sc. (Hon. Energy Studies) from the University of Johannesburg and has spent some 28 years with Sasol Mining in the Geology Department and Strategic Capacity Management Department.  He is a coal specialist and advises companies on the development of Exploration Business Plans, Management of the Exploration Programmes, potential utilisation of the coal products and risk analyses.  


To outline the in-depth nature of coals
To understand issues with different seams
To consider the difference in blending or mixing 
To understand the impacts thereof - good and bad. 
To establish which component is compatible and what is not under specific operating conditions.
To define additive and non-additive coal parameters and link that to the characteristics of a mixed coal and its behaviour during utilisation.

Session 1
Definitions and Interpretation of Terminology
Overview of Chemical Composition, Physical Properties and Petrographic Characteristics
Question and Answer Session

Session 2
Additive and Non-Additive Coal Qualities 
Characteristics and the Effect on Blending or Homogenization or Mixing
Question and Answer Session

Session 3
Overview of User and Technology Requirements including export products, power stations and, industrial users and metallurgical processes. 
The behaviour of Coal Blends/Homogenised Coal/Mixed Coal
Question and Answer Session

Session 4
Tests proving compatibility of blends – or not 
Reports from users 
Potential for mixing or blending South African coals
Problem cases and outcomes 

Event Details

Event Date 13-03-2018